After 18 years living in Italy, Barbara Ramos returns to live in her homeland. In the town of Santa Clara, she discovers through the projects of family and friends what has changed in Cuba but also what has not and will likely never change. Shot over a period of three years - the time it took Barbara to build her dream house – RETURN TO CUBA chronicles her life after Fidel Castro era, in the wake of Raul Castro's liberal reforms and the reconciliation with the United States of America. A light-hearted yet energetic movie positively demonstrating that finding happiness is possible again in today's Cuba!

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Return to Cuba (2016) on IMDb rating for RETURN TO CUBA

"Are social and econonic changes in Cuba a concession of necessity or a response to outside influences? I am most impressed with the fact that the filmmaker remains conjoint & illiberal throughout the documentary. The film is forever living history."
Ms. S. Haysbert, Hampton University, United States

"Joyful and thought-provoking movie! Barbara's story reflects the complicated relationship that many Cubans have with their country. The film is heartwarming and filled with the sights and sounds of Cuba."
Rosa Lind, Amazon Prime Video, United States

"RETURN TO CUBA paints an insightful insider’s view of the country, unlike the plethora of quaint travelogues or the oft-clichéd political analyses usually emanating from the country."
Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette, Canada

"Beautiful movie. I smiled the entire time. Makes me want to return to my homeland!"
★★★★★ - Orlando Carmona, Amazon Prime Video, United States